About Us

JSC “Svetlana-LED’ company is the largest manufacturer of LEDs and LED equipment in Russia and Europe. During the existenceJSC “Svetlana-LED” tooka stableleading position in themarket fornanotechnology. Allstages of thefull technological cycleof manufactureof LEDs andLED technologyare carried out onthe same production site-in St. Petersburg, which located on the territory ofthe legendaryproduction association"Svetlana".

Historybeginswith the founding ofthe eminentplantSvetlana, producerof lighting solutionsand microelectronics, which founded in 1895. In April 2011, company has put into operation the first stage of a new plant for the production of high-brightness LEDs. The new line of equipment is represented by the latest generation of technology from Japan, Germany, USA and Taiwan.For the production oflight-emitting diodeshave beendesigned andcreateda special roomwith several "zones of purity." Design production capacity is over 5 MW / month.

The main products ofour company are:
-high-brightLEDs anda matrix;
-LED modules;
-LED lightingfor various applications

In addition tothe issue and saleof itsmain product,   JSC “Svetlana-LED” has the abilityto carry outorders forserialproducts, small-batch andpiece production.

We offer a wide range of services:

  • design and development of products assembly designs,production of  design documentation in accordance withInterstate system for standardization and Unifited system for design documentation;

  • the development of individual components of the product;

  • the development of manufacturing technology products;

  • installation of components, formation of lead wires and all kinds of sealing electronic assemblies;

  • development oftoolingfor the production;

  • assembling and mounting ofelectronic devices;

  • machining metal production;

  • turning and milling work;

  • frame and housing works;

  • production of base load-bearing structures (enterprise partner);

  • manufacture of products by rocker stamping;

  • injection molding;

  • other services of varying degrees of complexity.

Our company also offers rental of industrial and office premises of the owner, located at:  Engelsa Ave, 27, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Competitive advantages:

  • individual approach to customers;

  • strict quality control, adherence to manufacturing technology products; 

  • compliance with the terms of production (in the presence of the necessary components and materials);

  • proper maintenance of equipment;

  • skilled personnel;

  • non-stop operation.

    We create unique solutions that meet the requirements of our customers!